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Student Forum

ATA has a setup dedicated email address to assist Telugu students needing any assistance & guidance. ATA is partnering with various student association in providing needed guidance & counseling specially for international students. Students can reach ATA at: .

ATA also would like to request all international Telugu student to register their information with ATA to better assist them in case of emergency. Students can register their information at: Student Registration.

ATA Appeal to US Students

12/26/2011: In view of the numerous incidents involving Telugu Students in tragic deaths, ATA would like to appeal to the Indian students community at large in US at to avoid working in these dangerous conditions and take all precautionary measures to avoid these kinds of tragic incidents. Just be aware that as many as 12 Telugu students and techies were murdered in the US during the last three years. Also there were numerous road accidents involving students in tragic deaths. Major cause of deaths on the road is drunk driving and sleep deprivation. Numerous studies have found that sleep deprivation can affect driving as much as (and sometimes more than) alcohol. it has been estimated that an average of 2000 people were killed annually in the US as a result of sleep-deprived driving. Accidents related to sleep deprivation are most likely to happen in the early to mid afternoon, and in the very early morning hours. We request student community to take all necessary precautionary steps while driving. We understand working as part time to meet the needs for college education is important but remember life is very valuable and it is more valuable for your loved ones back home. ATA community is shocked at these kind of incidents and there are no words to express our sympathy for the devastation and profound loss of victim's families. ATA expresses deep condolences to all the families for those who lost their kin in these kind of tragic incidents. Please note ATA is here to help and provide guidance for any student that may need help.

ICE Advisory Bulletin

02/03/2011:ICE has released some advice for students and families on how to protect themselves from visa fraud:

* US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) fully support international education. We are committed to working together with our government partners and the academic community to enable qualified international students to pursue their studies in the United States.

* We recognize that international students represent an invaluable asset to our universities, our economy and, most importantly, to our country through their diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences

* You may be familiar with this saying: "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is." This holds true when considering a program of study in the United States.

* As an international student, you have certain responsibilities that you must keep in order to maintain your non-immigrant student status. First, you should only enroll in Department of Homeland Security approved educational institution. See the current list at: Current Approved List.

If a school official promises you that you do not have to abide by any of the following "commandments," you may want to rethink your school or program choice.

Below are 12 commandments for foreign students studying in the United States advised by ICE. The commandments are not limited to just these 12, but these are general guidelines.

  1. Enter the United States no more than 30 days before your program of study begins.
  2. Register with your Designated School Official (DSO) within 30 days of your program start date.
  3. Attend and pass your classes.
  4. Maintain a full course load (don't study part-time unless you have permission from your designated school official).
  5. Online or distance learning classes are limited to the equivalent of one class, not to exceed three credits, if requirements of the class do not include oversight of physical presence.
  6. Don't work without authorization.
  7. Curricular Practical Training is only available if the employment is an integral part of an established curriculum and if the position directly relates to your major area of study.
  8. Notify your DSO if you change your major, program, or degree level.
  9. Notify your DSO if you plan to transfer to a new school or take a leave of absence. 10. Notify your DSO within 10 days of moving to a new address.
  10. Let your DSO know (before your Form I-20 expires) if you need a program extension.
  11. Have you Form I-20 signed by your DSO before traveling outside the United States.

Immigration Assistance: ATA has also partnered with below attorneys to help Telugu international student community for any help related to immigration. 

Somireddy Law Group PLLC
Contact: Santosh Somireddy, Esq.
Phone: (703) 544-2200

Law Offices of Madhurima B. Paturi, LLC
Contact: Madhurima Paturi, Esq.
Phone: (772) 480-6883