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Gattu Mandal

Presentation to ATA Board of Directors on Community Service to Telangana State

January 14, 2017
Las Vegas, NV

Proposal to Adopt Gattu Mandal in Telangana (Least Literary Rate in the state)
  • What: To Improve ATA Community Services in Telangana propose adopting Gattu Mandal. This will get most Bang for the Buck to ATA
  • Why this Mandal: Based on input from the Deputy CM and our own research, we selected Gattu mandal that has least literary rate in the state .
  • Areas of Development: Primarily Schools Infrastructure.
Gattu Mandal – Jogulamba District (Previously Mahaboobnagar) Government Schools
  • 24 gram panchayats (villages) and 19 habitats
  • 39 primary schools, 11 upper primary schools and 9 Zilla Parishad High Schools
  • Total 10,433 children going to school.
  • Lowest Literacy Rate (About 35%) Mandal in India
  • 29 schools are single-teacher schools and an additional 9 have no teachers.
  • It has a total of 126 school teachers while 410 teachers are required in these schools in line with the norms of the RTE Act..
Major Infrastructure issues in Gattu Mandal Schools
  • There is an additional requirement of 109 classrooms .
  • 55 schools do not have the requisite number of toilets
  • 27 schools do not have drinking water facility.
  • 24 schools do not have kitchen sheds.
  • 36 schools need compound walls.
  • Ramps are yet to be provided in 24 schools.
  • 16 schools have no supply of electricity.
  • Playground facilities and play material are required in 38 schools.
  • Repair & maintenance works are pending in 22 schools - 12 schools need major repairs.
Adoption of Gattu Mandal What ATA Can Do
  • Goal: We are suggesting a goal of raising 100k towards this. We got commitment from the Deputy CM Srihari garu to provide matching funds from the Government
  • Who will provide Funds: ATA members (especially Mahaboobnagar NRIs), business executives, Rameshwar Rao garu (he promised 100k during Philadelphia Conference)
  • Schedule: We want to achieve this in 1 year period. Will develop detailed schedule with activities and funds required for each activity and monitor progress.
  • Oversight: We will have a point person to monitor the progress. Quarterly updates will be provided to the Board
  • How do we build Campaign around it: Website, Flyers, press releases, etc.