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My School - My Responsibility

As part of community service programs and commitment to help our mother land, ATA Foundation has come up with a unique proposal to help Government schools back home, following valuable discussions and feedback from over 100 schoolteachers since last few months by this team.

ATA Foundation undertook a major initiative on renovating our village schools (My School My Responsibility) and committed to match donations. Under this program, your sponsored school can be renovated with below programs to create a better learning environment:

  • Painting of walls – both ambience and educational
  • Green chalk boards
  • Clean maintenance of Toilets with running water
  • Upgrading of electrification with fans, light bulbs and tube lights
  • Safe drinking water (restrictions apply)
  • Painting of Doors, windows, etc.
  • Simple repairs like flooring, fixing leakages, etc.
  • Functional Library / Science Lab
  • Mike set and drums 
  • Green plantation inside the compound wall/fence
  • Improving students’ academic achievements by organizing various events (Spelling Bee, Quizzes’) and clubs (Green club, Nutrition Club, Reading Club, Swatcha Patashala Club, Science Club etc.)

The entire project will be executed in collaboration with dedicated local teachers and village leadership under our guidance and supervision.