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*Nannaya, Tikkana & Errana(11th - 14th century): Known as the Kavi Traya(the 'Trinity ) of Telugu Literature' these three poets are the composers of the Andhra Mahabharata, a replica of the Sanskrit Mahabharata. Nannaya is acclaimed as the Adi Kavi(the first poet ) of Telugu literature.

* Gona Budda Reddy(13th century): Gona Budda Reddy is known for his "Ranganatha Ramayanam" which is a pioneering work on the theme of Ramayana in Telugu.The work has become a part of the Andhra cultural life and is also used by "puppeteers for their shows".

* Srinadhudu(1385-1475 AD): A poet of immense calabre Srinathudu lived in the 14th century. Srinadhudu was the Chief Education Officer in the court of king Pedakomati Vema Reddy of Kondaveeti kingdom and enjoyed rich sensual and worldly pleasures for eighteen years.

His poetic works include Marutarat-charitra(Tale of King Marutta),Saalivahana Sapta Sati (100 tales of Saalivahana), Palanaati Veera Charitra (Tale of Heroes of Palnatu), Kasi Khandam (Legends of Kasi), Bheema Khandam and Hara Vilasam (The Glory of Lord Shiva) which is considered to be an outstanding piece of literature.

* Kumaragiri Reddy: King of Kondaveedu(1386-1402) was a very able ruler,warrior, connoisseur& Lover of Art,Literature, Culture.Kumaragiri Reddy wrote a book titled 'Vasanta Rajeeyam' a work on dance.

* Bammera Potana(1450-1510):He was considered to be a natural scholar (sahaja panditha) without a teacher. Potana was a very polite gentleman. He was an agriculturist by occupation. He was author of 'Andhra Maha Bhagavathamu', the crown jewel of Telugu literature.

* Sri Krishnadevaraya(16th century): A renowned emperor of the famous Vijaynagar kingdom, Sri Krishnadevaraya is also known for his great epic Amukta Malyada (A Garland Dedicated to the Lord)

*Pingali Sooranna(16th century): Soorana was a pioneering figure in the field of Telugu classical poetry.

* Paravastu Chinnayya Soori(1807-1861):He was most famous pandits of the 19th century.Sri Chinnayasoori wrote the Bala Vyaakaranamu.

* Gurajada Venkata Appa Rao(1862-1915): Sri Gurajada wrote the "Kanyasulkam" in 1869 for an excellent cause - social reformism.