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Kentucky Tornado Victims Help


Dear Friends & Family,


Subject: Aid to the Communities in Kentucky – Hit hard by multiple TORNADOS – 12.12.2021




There are several communities in Kentucky that were hit hard by multiple tornados on the night of December 12, 2021, and one entire town was wiped off the map. The amount of destruction was never seen before, and these violent storms took many lives in the community.


We request you to contribute to help re-build the affected communities. Our hearts go out to the victims.


PLEASE DONATE using the link below:

(Please choose 'donation category': 'Kentucky Tornado Victims Help')


There is no better time & cause than now to show our strength of support and ATA Leadership is in touch with the American Red Cross who have been helping the victims to channel/extend our support in the days ahead. We hope to make a difference in the lives of those who lost everything with our contributions.


ATA stands with the victims of this natural disaster. Let us pray for the victims and wellbeing of the survivors.



American Telugu Association