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ATA Youth Scholarships

Dear ATA member and Well-wishers,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the President, the Youth Scholarship Team, and the entire ATA Team would like to express appreciation for your continued and generous philanthropic support over the years towards ATA events in the US and ATA Vedukalu/Seva programs in India.

Out of the many charitable activities that ATA supports, education is an important and focused area to help students in the US and India. ATA firmly believes in providing opportunities to our youth in their education to be their best.  

A decade ago, ATA initiated the Vidya Danam and other charitable programs by awarding scholarships and supporting underprivileged students in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In addition, ATA also adopted several government schools by providing technology resources and vocational skills development programs. Since 2019, ATA initiated Youth Scholarships in the US, a unique program for the need-based and exemplary college bound high school senior students. All these programs have been very successful and made an impact on students' education.

While continuing to award the scholarships each year, ATA leadership has proposed to create the Dollars for Scholars – ATA Youth Scholarship program. To make this program a more sustainable, perpetual, and self-driven; ATA initiated to raise an initial $200k education corpus fund. To accomplish this goal, we request your one-time support and generous donation towards establishing this Corpus Fund.

An exclusive account will be set up for this fund and it will be managed by a professional investment firm with the goal of generating income to meet the annual ATA Youth Scholarship program needs. This fund will exclusively be used to award 10 to 15 annual youth scholarships and will have extended controls for managing the account.  

This is one of the wonderful opportunities to leave your legacy behind by participating in building thDollars for Scholars – ATA Youth Scholarship Program.”  No amount is too small to help the program however, any donor with contribution of $1,000 or more toward this fund will be listed on ATA Website permanently. ATA plans to raise additional funds for increasing the Corpus fund on an incremental level to increase the number of scholarships each year to support more students.

Please use this URL to donate: Click here to donate and choose the category Youth Scholarship Fund.

All your Donations are TAX deductible! Thank you for your generosity and continuous support to ATA.

With sincere appreciation,

ATA Youth Scholarship Program Committee
Prof. Rajsekhar Vangapaty, Chairman 
Nishitha Lingala, Member
Srinivas Pinnapureddy, Member
Dr.Sandhya Gavva, Member
Deepika Boojala, Member