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ATA Kick-Off Press Release

ATA Kick-Off Press Release

American Telugu Association (ATA) held its Silver Jubilee Conference Kickoff meeting on September 20th, 2015 at Belle Salle Banquets, Aurora, IL where more than 400 attendees participated. The purpose of the kick-off meeting was to create high momentum and energy among the ATA members and Telugu community living in USA, India and around the world and start planning for the upcoming conference and set a goal to exceed expectations.

The guests started coming in much early from 10:30 AM onwards and started exchanging well wishes. The program started on-time at 11:30 AM. The hall was decorated so elegantly and the reception team made the event look so traditional amidst drum beats which created high momentum among the guests and an impression that this is going to be a great kick-off. At the start of the program ‘a minute’ of silence was observed for the 5 ATA members (Founder of ATA magazine ‘America Bharathi, Trustee of ATA Dr. CVRN Reddy, Krishna Rao Devulapalli, Dr. Rani Chintham, Jagan Mohan Reddy and Krishna Rao Pagadala) who made invaluable contributions to not only the Telugu community but to the society on the whole.

As per Telugu culture, the program started with a candle lighting ceremony with an elegant group of dignitaries present on the stage. The group included Hanmanth Reddy, Madhava Reddy, Kamala Chimata, Chandra Sekhar Reddy Palvai, NaredarChemarla, Satya Kandimalla, KarunakarMadhavaram, Harinder Reddy Puliyala, Srinivasa Reddy Pinnapareddy,  BharathiPulluru, Srinivas Reddy Matta and Krishna Mushyam. There was a big applause from the audience to mark the great start of the occasion. The candle lighting was followed by prayers to Lord Vigneswara and chanting of Sholkas by a group of children belonging to Chicago Baladatta and was organized by NandiniBukkaraju and MadhuriDevarapalli.

ATA Kick-Off Press Release

The program continued with speeches by notable speakers that included Dr. Murthy Chimata (Convener 2004 ATA Conference), Srinivas Reddy Pinnapareddy  (ATA Past President, founder and Engineer by profession), Chandra Sekhar Reddy Palvai (ATA 2016 Conference Director), Kamala Chimata (ATA 2016 Conference Co-Ordinator),  NarendarChemarla (ATA 2016 Conference Convener) who gave an insight on how ATA was formed 25 years ago and how the organization has carried out hundreds of activities including but not limited to the areas of social, welfare, awareness, humanity, sponsorship, and education. The Silver Jubilee conference team briefed the audience on the roadmap for the 2016 conference and explained about the activities planned for the next few months leading up to the main event in July next year.

JaganBukkaraju (President, Telugu Association Of Greater Chicago, TAGC) got a standing ovation from the audience when he declared that TAGC as a Co-Host would do everything possible to make the ATA 2016 Conference a grand success. Other notable attendees including G.L.N.Reddy, Sridhar Chillara (TV5 CEO), ATA Trustees from Chicago KalyanAnandula, Sriram Reddy and Trustees from different parts of the US, Suresh Jilla, BuvaneshBoojala and AravindMuppudi and Chicago Regional Co-OrdinatorsVenkatTudi and MamataLenkala graced the occasion.

ATA Kick-Off Press Release

The overall program was very well managed by the MC KK Reddy and other well known artists like Ravi Thokala, ShekarBabu and Saimithra Reddy entertained the crowd. Awesome food was catered by Tamarind Indian Cuisine and all the attendees had a wonderful time and praised the kick-off meeting co-ordinatorsChalamaBandaru, Krishna Mushyam,  Harindar Reddy Puliyala, Srinivas Matta, Srinivas Sarikonda and KK Reddy for the smooth conduct of the meeting.

Several veteran community leaders who participated in the event have stated that it was a truly historic moment to see the leaders from various Telugu organizations come forward in support of the ATA 2016 conference. They were also pleasantly surprised to see more than 20 TAGC Past Presidents and the entire TAGC Board on the same stage.

ATA Kick-Off Press Release

Finally, Krishna Mushyam ATA Regional Co-Ordinator from Chicago extended a vote of thanks on behalf of the Chicago ATA Team. He thanked all the volunteers who have helped plan the kickoff and specially thanked the teams responsible for managing the invitations, technical arrangements, stage setting and lighting, musicians, catering, press and media. Krishna Mushyam also thanked the leaders from Telugu Association Of North America (TANA), North American Telugu Association (NATA), North America Telugu Society (NATS), Chicago Telangana Association (CHITA), Tri-State Telugu Association (TTA), Chicago Telugu Association (CTA), Telangana Development Forum (TDF) for gracing the occasion.  He also stated that the entire team will work hard under the leadership of Hanmanth Reddy and make the ATA 2016 Conference a grand success.

The ATA Silver Jubilee Conference kickoff meeting has become the talk of the town and the entire Telugu community is looking forward to participate in the event next year.