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ATA Board Meeting

ATA Board Meeting

American Telugu Association (ATA) held its third annual Board meeting in Chicago, IL on 3rd October, 2015 at Sheraton Lisle Hotel.

The meeting was attended by ATA Board of Trustees, Standing Committee Chairs, Regional Directors, Regional Coordinators and Advisory Committee members and leadership from local organizations.

More than 250 people attended the meeting from all over the USA to review and plan activities for the upcoming The 14th ATA Conference and Youth Convention (Silver Jubilee Year Celebrations) in Jul 2016 in Greater Chicago Area at Rosemont Convention Center.

Chicago ATA Team welcomed the guests as they arrived on Friday in Chicago, evening dinner was hosted by ATA founding member and Past President Mr. Hanmanth Reddy garu for leadership of ATA, TAGC (Telugu Association of Greater Chicago).

Board Meeting on Saturday started promptly at 8:30am after prayer by Past President Sandhya Gavva garu. Madhu Bommineni, Secretary welcomed the board of trustees, members and special guests.

ATA Board Meeting

President Sudhakar Perkari, in his key note speech updated the board about various activities and programs undertaken over last quarter highlighting how ATA is focused on service to Telugu Community. He also explained the importance of promoting Telugu culture and heritage. Secretary, Madhu Bommineni updated the board of the administrative activities in her report. Kalyan Anandula, ATA Treasurer reported to the Board on the ATA Finances for the last quarter and requested everyone to come forward to donate in support of ATA charity programs. President–Elect Karunakar Asireddy invited the board and the guests to attend ATA Vedukalu in Hyderabad in December.

ATA Board of Trustees discussed various matters which included the upcoming The 14th ATA Conference and Youth Convention (Silver Jubilee Year Celebrations). Narendar Chemarla relinquished his position as Conference Convener. Board requested Past President Hanmanth Reddy garu to be the Convener-in-charge until a replacement can be made. The meeting continued with introduction of ATA 2016 Conference Coordinator Kamala Chimata and Conference Director Chandrasekar Reddy Palvai. Speaking on the occasion Coordinator Kamala Chimata said that the local Telugu community was very excited to host the event and looking forward for the mega event. To commemorate and celebrate the major milestone of the organization the board unanimously nominated long standing ATA leader Rajeshwar Rao Tekmal garu as the Silver Jubilee Celebrations Committee Chair.

ATA Foundation Chair Bhuvanesh Boojala updated the board on various activities taken up during the year. ATA 2018 Dallas Conference updates were provided by 2018 Conference Convener Satish Reddy.

ATA Board Meeting

After the Board Meeting, attendees enjoyed a scrumptious lunch catered by Tamarind Indian Cuisine and toured the Rosemont Convention Center which will be venue for The 14th ATA Conference and Youth Convention (Silver Jubilee Year Celebrations). The Convention Center is ideally located in Greater Chicago area with large percentage of Telugu population within four hours driving distance. The convention center was recently renovated with the world class facilities and conveniently located within walking distance to many hotels. ATA team was impressed with the Convention Center, its layout and facilities appreciated the local ATA leadership for selecting such an ideal center for the ATA 2016 Conference and Silver Jubilee Celebrations.

Saturday evening banquet dinner at Masala Indian Restaurant was hosted by Krishna Mushyam, ATA Regional Coordinator for Chicago area. Speaking on the occasion TAGC President Jagan Bukkaraju and President-Elect Pradeep Kandimalla thanked the ATA leadership for choosing TAGC as the co-host for the ATA Conference and assured that they will make every effort to make Convention a big success.

ATA Trustees from Detroit Vinod Kukunoor and Hari Prasad Lingala reiterated that the Detroit ATA team will work hard for a success of this conference.

Notable speakers Murthy Chimata, 2004 ATA Conference Convener, Ramesh Tummuru, 2004 Conference Co-Convener and KK Reddy spoke on the occasion and expressed that they will strongly support the 2016 Conference. ATA Executive Director Krishna Dyapa thanked Chicago area leadership for their support of ATA 2016 Conference.

Conference Director Chandrasekar Reddy Palvai announced that the Chicago team will take a lead in the fundraising activities for the conference and will exceed all the expectations. Sunday brunch was hosted by ATA Membership Committee Chair Srinivas Matta.

ATA Board Meeting

President Sudhakar Perkari thanked Telugu Association of Greater Chicago for willing to be the co-host for the 2016 ATA Conference and he also thanked the Chicago ATA team for wonderful hospitality. Advisory Committee chair Hanmanth Reddy garu has specially thanked the Chicago ATA team members Chalama Bandaru, Hari Puliyala, Srini Sarikonda, Venkat Tudi, Srini Matta, Krishna Mushyam, KK Reddy and Ratnakar Reddy for providing grand hospitality for all during the weekend and for making the event a grand success.

The Banquet concluded with an excitement and commitment from all attendees to make the 2016 ATA Conference a great success.


Chicago ATA team also thanked media partners NTV, TV9, TV5 and all print & web media.

Board meeting photo gallery can be found at: Photo Gallery