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Heartfulness Meditation

Heartfulness Meditation 07-Nov-21 to 06-Nov-22 11AM to 11:30AM EST Every Sunday


Heartfulness Meditation by American Telugu Association 

President of Sri Ramachandra mission Kamalesh Patel, popularly known as Daaji, is one of the most sought-after spiritual masters in the Sahaj Marg/Heartfulness( mediation system of spiritual Practice. Daaji has been practicing the Sahaj Marg/Heartfulness mediation system of Raja Yoga for 45 years and has won accolades across the globe. Sahaj Marg/Heartfulness mediation system is a set of meditative practices and a form of Raja yoga. ATA is exclusively bringing this opportunity to the community and to leverage this opportunity to learn the meditation techniques of Raja Yoga to increase self-awareness, patience, tolerance & creativity.  

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This meditation session will be held every Sunday from 11AM to 11:30AM EST starting from 7th November 2021.